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About Coach Mike


Bachelor’s Degree earned in Business Management

West Chester University




Health/Life Coach

Personal Trainer 

Sports Nutrition 

Intermitting Fasting 

My name is Mike Ellis and I am 30 years old, residing in Malvern, PA. I started Ellis Fitness LLC. back in 2020 to pursue my true love and passion for health and fitness as my career. This was the best decision I ever made in my entire life, to be able to give back and help others along their journey’s after going through my own experiences, learning what it takes, and getting all of my certifications in the process. My own journey started back in 2016, after graduating college very unhealthy unfortunately from becoming overweight and de-motivated physically. All it literally took was to look myself in the mirror one day realizing just how unhappy I was with myself (not to sound cliche) and that was the end of the old me, yet the start of a successful 100lb+ weight-loss journey transformation over the past several years. I made the ultimate sacrifice to live the healthiest and fittest lifestyle I can possible, and swore to never revert back to my old ways with poor nutritional eating habits paired with a sedentary life just going through the motions. I have been running and lifting for almost a decade now on a consistent basis, completely changing my lifestyle for the better by choice. To date, I have helped hundreds of clients from all over the world achieved their health and fitness goals with a sustainable approach for the long-term. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”-Lao Tzu 

About Assistant Coach Paige

Certifications: Health Coach, Personal Trainer

I am the Peachy one on the team. I talk more than most, and listen with humility. I have a strong eye for detail, and a compassionate heart for understanding.

Life is about balance. I used to live a very unbalanced life. I went from being anorexic and bulimic to being extremely obsessed with bodybuilding, in which is another form of an eating disorder. I spent hours a week tracking every calorie I put into my body and every calorie that I burned off. I would constantly weigh myself multiple times a day to make sure that I was not gaining weight. I would spend hours comparing my pictures side-by-side to make sure that I could meet the “standard” of perfection. Once I reached that look in my mind, then I would push harder to find a new standard of perfection. I spent 9 years competing, and learned so much through nutrition and fitness.


I knew that this lifestyle would be unsustainable.  I live with a thyroid disease and kidney disease and thought it was time to put my health first . I left the extreme world of dieting and started to live a balanced lifestyle. I learned to be flexible, enjoy time with my family and friends. I learned to enjoy working out without feeling forced to work out. I stopped feeling guilty and embraced where God was leading me.


I have learned to love my body the way that God intended it to be. I learned to maintain a healthy weight for over four years without the fluctuation, extreme dieting or extreme indulging. I learn to stop tracking everything I do and just live life on Gods terms.


I am honored and blessed to be part of the Ellis family professionally and emotionally. I am grateful to have learned lifestyle living under Mike Ellis. We are a team not only in our God centered marriage, but also in our God centered business. We will help people all over the world to learn to live life with balance and grace.

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About Assistant Coach Drew

Certifications: Health Coach, Personal Trainer

Over 10 years ago I lost over 60 pounds and started working out. During the pandemic I loss my passion for it but after things got back to normal I started taking my heath seriously again. These past couple of years I really focused on my dieting and training! I figured if I can train myself to take it serious, why not try to help other people better their lives too! 

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Meet The Family

This is my lovely fiancé Paige and our dog Maverick AKA Mavy. Paige lives and breathes the health and fitness lifestyle just as much as me. She competed in bodybuilding for 8 years and achieved her pro card, that should speak for itself to say the least. She is the best assistant and supporting cast that any coach could ever dream of. Mavy brings so much added love to our little family, he is the best goldendoodle to ever exist if you ask me, and my true running companion and best friend. We live a peaceful, laid back, God centered life enjoying our weekly cheat meals at every American Pub. to ever exist. We love a good old burger and sweet potato fries once a week, don't hate! 

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